Backing Britain is about investment in facilities, people and product

By Balmoral Tanks
schedule26th May 20
With over £20 million of investment in new facilities and software, South Yorkshire-based Balmoral Tanks, and its Managing Director, Allan Joyce, believes that Backing Britain is all about investment in facilities, staff and, ultimately, a strong product.

In terms of a robust market offering, the company introduced two new product lines: “We design and manufacture highly specialist products at our Thurnscoe facility. The first is Balmoral epoxy coated tanks and the second Balmoral glass fused to steel (GFS) tanks." Allan explained that the glass product line is expected to move into full production by the end of May.

Yet the investment doesn’t just include operational facilities, but also the ability of all Balmoral Tanks’ employees with the company encouraging its staff to learn new skills. Speaking, Allan said: “At the heart of all of this will be a strong leadership team in our succession plan which is tangible and visible, and so we continue with the investment in our Leadership Academy."

“The final piece of the jigsaw, launched in March, is ‘BALANCE’. A competency-based online training system which links everyone in the business across our five UK locations. The Leadership Academy team came up with the name which stands for (Balmoral Academy for Learning And Nurturing Continual Excellence). We love it. Everybody can log in, and we're starting with what we call compliance competency; safety, quality, and environmental. Everybody's got to complete at least two modules by the end of May with the ultimate objective to make sure that every job we have in this company will have a competency-based assessment on what their job role is all about.

We are preparing and positioning the company for an exciting future," Mr Joyce concluded.

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