Balmoral Tanks doubles Thurnscoe manufacturing capability

By Balmoral Tanks
schedule17th Jul 19

As Balmoral Tanks continues to develop its business around the world the company has been expanding its manufacturing facility in Thurnscoe, South Yorkshire, after taking occupation only 12 months ago.

The extension, which will effectively double the production area, will house a new manufacturing line for a product designed to complement the company’s existing portfolio. The new range will provide the international market with a UK manufactured option to compete with products made in the USA, Germany and China.

Balmoral feels the £10m investment reflects the UK’s manufacturing heritage which is still widely recognised as world leading as illustrated during a recent business trip to South America. Company personnel asked the client why Balmoral Tanks was their preferred supplier as, logistically, they may have been better off purchasing from the USA. The reason; Made in Britain!

Jonathan Smith, sales director, said: “We are keenly focused on product lines that can be improved or developed, complementary or novel.

“However, one thing that must be the backbone of any product offering is customer service. Great service is undoubtedly a ‘differentiator’ when keeping ahead of the competition.

“As one of our core values we believe our service levels set us apart. Such customer service isn’t delivered by plant or equipment – it is our people that deliver it and, as we grow, we will continue to recruit a workforce that is committed to our values: Customer focus, Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Motivation.”

With the factory extension approaching completion, and production equipment being delivered, Balmoral Tanks is, once again, showing that manufacturing is at the very heart of its business and of Yorkshire.

What is equally pleasing is to learn that the UK is still viewed as a manufacturing world leader – something we should all be proud of and strive to preserve.

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