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schedule27th Mar 20

“Leadership is about being effective and not just being efficient ”, says Allan Joyce, managing director of Thurnscoebased Balmoral Tanks.

Mr Joyce continued:

“Being effective is measured by progress and results. To export successfully a company must offer a product or service that adds value and is not readily available locally.

“International markets require technology which allows their economy to thrive while being mindful of the impact on the environment.

“Against this background, we have established ourselves as a global player in the design, manufacture and installation of bulk liquid storage tanks to support the anaerobic digestion green energy revolution.”

Successfully delivering to the water 56 COMMERCIAL FEATURE sector in the UK for many years, Balmoral now exports to a significant number of markets that have established a renewable energy sector as part of their future infrastructure plans. Demand for Balmoral products is driven by environmental legislation put in place at national, regional and local levels across the world.

This is a global issue of paramount importance and there is barely a country in the world that will not be impacted by energy transition requirements. Pressure is on governments to improve their climate policies but there is still a significant gap between what is needed and what is being committed to.

Indeed, on one calculation, just two nations are on track to implement policies that limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2100; Morocco and the Gambia. “Bulk liquid storage tanks used in the AD sector require well designed and engineered products. Exporting products across the world demands quality and performance levels of a standard that is built around a zero-defects philosophy.

“Achieving such performance levels takes investment, foresight and a willingness to believe in what your market research is telling you,” concluded Mr Joyce

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