Balmoral Tanks is a leading European tank design and manufacturing company.

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Balmoral Tanks Ltd is a leading design and manufacturing company that provides unique turnkey services spanning civils groundwork, tank design and manufacture, installation, pipework, commissioning and technical after sales services.

Producing what is believed to be the most comprehensive range of liquid storage tank products from a single source, civil engineering, firefighting, potable/non-potable water, anaerobic digestion, wastewater, desalination and drainage are key sectors for the company.

Exporting products worldwide the company has factories in Thurnscoe, Llantrisant, Aberdeen and a sales office in Croydon while operating a global network of representatives and agents.

The company has enjoyed significant growth in recent years; from new products to acquisitions, the company is performing strongly. People are at the heart of the business and the leaders at Balmoral manage the business through the high involvement and engagement of their teams.

Balmoral Tanks’ ‘Leadership Academy’ is unique in the industry and was borne out of a requirement to put leadership at the forefront of the company’s success, underpinned by a strategic approach to succession planning. A range of training options is open to Balmoral employees, but the Academy is about talent management and ensuring the business has the necessary leadership skills in place to execute growth plans set out in a rolling three-year strategic document.

It focuses on leaders in the business having the ability to emotionally engage with fellow employees and the creation of a high performance culture. Department leaders at Balmoral Tanks are given responsibility to manage their area of the business with full understanding of the company’s core values, standards and strategic direction.

The senior management team recognises that the capabilities of the entire workforce should be encouraged and developed so that sustainable, long term, growth can be achieved. Without strong, effective and efficient leadership, none of the above will succeed.

Balmoral Tanks’ core values are as follows:

Customer focus: Leading and working together as a team to deliver high quality products on time at the best possible price with no surprises;

Respect: Treating clients and colleagues as we wish to be treated ourselves, with respect and decency;

Integrity: Reliability, flexibility, honesty, openness and fairness. Supporting clients and colleagues at all times with a focus on the common end goal;

Accountability: Being proactive in setting and achieving objectives. Taking responsibility in one’s role and enhancing the company reputation at all times;

Innovation: A commitment to the company’s philosophy of innovation, continuous improvement and clear communication, internally and externally;

Motivation: Maintaining a focus on aligning efforts and energy to achieve common goals, ie, successful projects. Constantly seeking to add value.

These values are discussed during the recruitment process. When speaking to potential employees the values are explained to determine if individuals will fit within the business; attitude is a key criterion in the company’s employee selection.

Customer focus is a recognised value at Balmoral Tanks. It's not aspirational, it is real, and every team member understands its meaning and how they can positively influence it.

Balmoral Tanks - not just another tank company.

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